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K9 Playtime Doggie Day Care provides dog owners with a safe, clean, fun, and stimulating environment for their dog to play off-leash with other dogs under the careful and experienced supervision of a trained staff. The benefits are numerous.
First, dogs learn to play with other dogs and improve their social skills. Second, dogs use up a great deal of energy during their time at day care, which makes them well rested for the evening when you return home from a hard day at work, and your energy levels are a bit exhausted too. Third, day care helps alleviate behavior problems. Trainers agree, that a vast majority of behavior problems (excessive barking, chewing, digging, ...) result from a lack of exercise. Day care gives the dogs an opportunity to play, expend that excessive energy, thus avoid those potentially destructive behaviors. And finally, day care give's owner's peace of mind knowing their precious pup is well cared for. Essentially, guilt-free dog ownership!

Grooming reduces shedding and smell. Grooming maintains healthy skin, hair, nails, and teeth. And Grooming helps in reducing allergies and infections for both pets and their families.


Basic behavior and obedience training is essential for a peaceful home life.  Our dog care professionals are constantly reinforcing proper behavior through positive training methods.


K9 Playtime Dog Walking Services provides dog owners the option to have their pets walked, under leashed conditions, in small groups (no more than 4 dogs in a group), or individually when needed. Our Dog Walking Services consist of 30 minute to one hour walks with a trained dog care professional, in the South of Market / South Beach neighborhood and parks.


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