First of all, our motto's are, , "we love your dog almost as much as you do", and "your dog's home away from home". This should tell you where we're coming from, and what we'd like to provide for you.

We built K9 Playtime from the perspective of the dog, as well as the dog owner.


More specifically, the Urban Dog Owner. San Francisco can be a wonderful place to enjoy dog ownership / guardianship. It also poses many challenges.

We understand that owning a dog in a city has unique challenges from dog ownership in the suburbs. We don't necessarily have yards that we can just open the door and let our dogs out to relieve themselves and to exercise. Nor do we have the option for doggie doors so they can come and go as they like. (wouldn't that be great!).

With parking and traffic challenges, it's not easy to leave work to take the pup for an afternoon walk.

And what about grabbing an after-work bite or drink with co-workers and friends. That's not going to work when Rover needs to get out for a walk and have his dinner!



Urban Dog Owner's are often single, or when coupled, both are working. We used to use terms like "yuppies", young urban professionals, and "dinks" double income no kids.

No matter what the case, we're in a conundrum. We are often very busy but we love our dogs and how much they enrich our lives, and we wouldn't give up dog ownership for anything. We have few options forproviding the best care possible we know and understand our pups need during the hours we're, let's call it, "under-available".


Remember, dogs are social, pack-oriented animals that are at their emotional happiest when they are romping, playing, or just relaxing with friendly, familiar, and loving pack members. That's why doggie day care works so well for the Urban Dog Owner. Day care on a routine basis provides that much needed socializing and exercise that all dogs require. With pack members that are familiar, fun, and nurturing.

At K9 Playtime, we ensure a safe, clean, and fun environment for your dogs.

We only hire very experienced dog care professionals who are dog lovers (sometimes even fanatics). We contract with dog trainers and behaviorists, and we continually train our staff on the most advanced and effective training methods for dog care and dog training. As a matter of fact, if you have any "good citizenship" training needs for you dog, such as leash control, jumping issues, excessive barking, sit / stay / down, ... just let us know and our daycare professionals will work with your dog throughout the day to reinforce those "good citizenship" behaviors.

You won't find that service everywhere.



Getting back to the Urban Dog Owners busy lives, we understand business travel often becomes an issue. Sometimes even last minute business travel needs. This can become logistically challenging as we over-tax our friends and family with overnight and daycare needs for our dogs. It's never easy going back to the well as often as we typically need to. I know, I've been there. So K9 Playtime can serve as your "outsource" dog care when you can't find, or don't wish to find, a friend or family member to care for your pet while out of town on business or vacation. Or during the holidays.

At K9 Playtime, we provide cage-free (we don't believe in locking a dog up, no matter how plush that cell, umm, kennel is) overnight care. Your dog will remain with one of our dog care professionals overnight. That may be in their home with them, on a comfortable warm bed, or in your home if you prefer (we're bonded and insured), where they are familiar and comfortable. In either of those situations, your dog will receive the most comfortable, loving care possible (outside of your own, that is!) with 24/7 attention and care.



We also live in one of the most beautiful and enjoyable cities and areas of the world. With that, we like our day and weekend trips to Tahoe, Carmel, Napa, ... The options are even slimmer when it comes to asking friends and family for weekend pet care.

K9 Playtime provides weekend day and overnight care in the same manner as we do during the work week. However, we do ask for advanced notice and reservations. Although should the last minute circumstance arise, don't hesitate to ask about our availability. We always look to accommodate and serve our clients needs.

We provide curbside drop off and pick up service, to avoid having to find parking, and to work around all the one way street craziness. This is San Francisco after all. And if you can't get back in time for closing, we can even drop your dog off at your home. You'll need to trust us with your house key, and again, we're bonded and insured.


We also know some dogs are not suited for large group play. We provide dog walking services for those situations. And if your ultimate goal is to have your dog in day care, or to utilize overnight care on occasion, but your dog is not currently suited for that environment, our trainers and dog care professionals will work up a program with you that will, over time, condition your dog to enjoy day and overnight care with other dogs.

There are solutions. And we're trying hard to figure them out for your individual needs. If you have any dog care needs that we don't provide, we're interested in hearing about them. Our clients' input is extremely valuable, and always appreciated.


Thank you for visiting our site, and please feel free to call us if you have any questions, or if you're interested in visiting our facility and learning more about us.

You can reach us weekdays, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at 415-796-2245.

We look forward to meeting you, and your pup, soon. Woof!