Logan's Den Rescue

Yogi was a charismatic dog that Valerie brought to us in need of a loving home. He was an Akita mix that we had for about 2 weeks, when someone saw his picture decided it was the right time to get a 2nd dog. Their current dog had social issues and was very dominant so they thought they would try to bring a new dog into the picture hoping it would help with that.

At first there was a little power struggle over who was head honcho in the roost, but over time Yogi's fun loving, sweet nature won the other dog over and now they're two peas in a pod.

Lily and Basil- (2 brother and sister Terrier mixes) Prince's mom, Sherri asked us if we would let them come to school to get them more socialized. They were found in an abandoned apartment in a box, starving, so they had separation anxiety, social issues, were very skiddish. With the proper socialization and a lot of love, the little ones came around and wound up being very confident, sweet, silly and very playful.

A Facebook page was put up to help get the word out that they needed a home and someone decided to take them both in.
Another successful adoption.

Then there was Hugo, a Boxer slash Pit mix that was incredibly small for his breed but adorable. Valerie, Booboo's mom, helps in working with dogs in need and getting them into new and loving homes. She asked us if we would take him in for socialization and training, which would increase his chances of getting adopted.

His picture captivated a gentleman looking for a Pit or Pit mix and so he came into the daycare to play with him and fell in love. He has since adopted again so that Hugo can have a playmate and everyone is very happy.

A Terrier Lab mix, his mom was forced to find him a new home because of her crazy college schedule. She tried giving him to her mother but he became very dominant in the household and since she already had another dog it became a problem.
So he came to the daycare for socialization and to foster with us. He improved tremendously and was eventually adopted by a wonderful gentleman and his 10 year old son. They changed his name to Lucky and have been happy ever since. He still comes back to visit with us on occasion. They've done a great job keeping up his training and it's evident Shanty/Lucky is well loved.

Then there was Shandy, a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel, who, due to transition in the owners life they were forced to find her a new home. We took her in, got her socialized and soon she was adopted by an older couple.
The husband was completely against getting a dog but after a few days with Shandy, the wife called to inform us that the 2, (he and Shandy) were now inseparable. She follows him everywhere and refuses to leave his side:)
*Pika (pronounced Peeka)
Was a 6 month old puppy that had far too much energy for her elderly owner so we took her in, got her socialized and then with the help of Hannah the havanese's mom Anja, who took her home from time to time to get trained and ready to be fostered.
Pika LOVED daycare as you can imagine any puppy would. When she ran she bounced around like a bunny. Her favorite game was 'chase' and trying to catch her when she was in 'play' mode gave anyone a workout.
Pika eventually was adopted by a family that had 2 other dogs that could match and keep up with her energy.
*We also had Mini the chihuahua. Who, when her mother also decided to get a much larger dog realized that Mini would probably be best suited in a different environment. We kept her at the daycare until her mom was certain that she was making the right decision. Again, with Anja's help, she found that her dentist already had a chihuahua and was looking to get a play mate for it and so they decided to take Mini in. The adoptive family couldn't be happier.