For every dog and dog owners best interest,
K9 Playtime guests are required to meet the following conditions:

1. Pass a temperament evaluation

2. Spayed / Neutered

3. Are Current on vaccinations

4. Flea control medication (or some form of flea control)

5. Completed Application Forms (2)
      View/download the forms by clicking the links below

To save time bring these completed forms with you on your first visit. 

Pass a temperament evaluation.
Because our facility is a cage-less facility, and the dogs enjoy a free socializing environment 
(separate for large dogs and small dogs), a temperament evaluation is necessary. 
Aggressive behavior, and possessive behavior are not acceptable.  We will be happy to help you with your training needs, should this be the case.  
With training, most dogs can acclimate to a dog daycare environment.
There is no charge for the evaluations. And they are conducted by appointment.

The evaluation consists of the following:
Administrate the tolerance test used by Therapy Dogs International. 
This involves judging a dogs reaction to noise, pulling on collar, tugging on ears (gently of course), 
and checking for toy  aggression..
•Introduce new dogs one on one with other dogs to see how they interact.
•Placing a new dog in a small play group of 4 – 5 compatible dogs.
2. Spayed / Neutered.
In order to prevent unwanted pregnancies,
all dogs need to be spayed or neutered.
3. Current on the following vaccinations:
• Bordetella
• Rabies
4. Flea control medication (or some form of flea control).