We built K9 Playtime with our safe, clean, and fun philosophy in mind.  Besides the basic caring of dogs, our staff is trained in understanding dogs.  We support positive behavior training to continually reinforce "good" dog behaviors, and minimize and ultimately eliminate "poor" dog behaviors.

We created "curriculums" for the dogs' play groups, to ensure a stimulating environment, safe and fun activities, and rest time on a routine basis.  And all toys introduced are designed for safe and fun activities.




We've built indoor dog parks with real K9 Grass to reinforce proper ‘outdoor’elimination training.  The last thing we want to do is un-do your hard work in training your dog to use the outdoor facilities vs. your nice Persian rugs or new hardwood floors.  So our staff, through positive reinforcement only, continually train your dog to use the K9 Grass.

We've installed water falls and ponds in the parks as well, with re-circulating filtered drinking water so your dog is well hydrated throughout their day with fresh, clean water.

The K9 Playtime staff is fully trained and greatly experienced in the care of dogs. We have deep understanding of dogs, and dog behavior and psychology.  As a company we support the most advanced dog training methodologies, and continual education programs to advance our care takers knowledge and experience with the science of dog care.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions, or would like to know more about our facility and staff.

Phone:  415-796-2245